Workshop: Environmental Justice Research Workshop 2023: Climate Change and Planetary Water

CHSS Yello

Date:               11–15 September 2023
Duration:        5 days (with a successive online session on Saturday 21 October 2023)
Venue:            Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Program details

Continuing from the 2022 workshop, the “Environmental Justice Research Workshop 2023: Climate Change and Planetary Water” aims to develop research capacity among young and junior scholars and academic staff from under-represented areas and educational institutions in Southeast Asia, both mainland and archipelago. It provides a long-term platform for them to build professional networks and collaborate on future research projects. The workshop’s main theme is environmental justice, focusing on the problem of climate change and its solutions from humanities and social science perspectives. By reaching out to young scholars in Southeast Asia, the workshop fosters an inquiry mode and methodological practices suited for the region.

In this year, the workshop centers around the conceptual area of “planetary water” to facilitate programs and help participants develop innovative methodological approaches for their research. While much scholarly understanding in Asian area studies originates from a nation-state and land-based perspective, this frame of thinking may not suffice when addressing climate change and its consequences. A recent shift in ecological studies and environmental humanities towards water, particularly oceans, challenges this perspective. Melody Jule (2020), in “Wild Blue Media,” points out limitations when viewing the relationship between our bodily selves and the environment solely from a land-based perspective. Instead, she invites us to consider a fluid perspective. Steve Mentz (2022), in his article “A poetics of planetary water: The blue humanities after John Gillis,” further expands this concept to encompass all fluid elements of life and the earth, moving beyond natural water resources like oceans and rivers. He explores “the complex workings of water in our environment and imagines ways to change our relationships to it.” By utilizing Mentz’s “planetary water” as the workshop’s guiding concept, participants working on various ecological issues can be inspired and refine their inquiries related to climate change.

The workshop welcomes applications from young and junior scholars and academics, currently studying in postgraduate programs (master’s or PhD level) or working in higher-education institutions. It will take place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, spanning 4 days, with a plan for a continuing session afterwards for participants to meet again. The workshop’s expected outcomes include fostering networks and research collaborations among participants, with the possibility of developing conference presentations and publications within the Asian Studies academic circle.

Class Location
RCSD, Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University
Field Locations
Water resource and ecosystem areas around Chiang Mai

Information on the event at the RCSD website HERE.
Please see flyer and PDF document below for more details –

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