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Applications are currently closed.

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Applications for the latest round of CHSS & Forest Foundation Grants closed September 1, 2023.

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Short and Long-Term Research Grants (CHSS)

Timeline for 2023 Applications, Deadline, and Decision Announcement

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With support from Sweden, the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) is coordinating a $2.68-million project to support scholars located in economically disadvantaged regions of South and Southeast Asia. The project will focus on support for scholars from conflict areas and post-conflict countries, and particularly on junior faculty, graduate students, senior and independent scholars, women, and ethnic minority groups.

The grant to AAS is part of Sweden’s regional development cooperation in low income countries and regions of Asia to support local research and research capacities of relevance for poverty reduction and sustainable and inclusive societies. These opportunities are available to both AAS members and non-AAS members.

Cultivating the Humanities and Social Sciences & Supporting Under-Represented Scholars of Asia

Theory of Change

Read about the Projects Targets, the Preconditions, and the Assumptions that lead to the CHSS Theory of Change.

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